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Spray Nozzles

The NOZZLE is the critical, business part of any sprayer. The spray tip is of a particular shape and size to determine the amount of liquid to be applied and in what pattern. Literally thousands of different types are available; we carry around 65 on the shelf in the form of small, interchangable tips made of brass, stainless steel or plastic, both fixed and variable formats to cover most popular applications.

Gloria Nozzle Components

Nozzle Tip Selection Chart

GPS Crack and Crevice Nozzle

The GPS Crack & Crevice Nozzle was designed for the Pest Control Industry. It comprises our GPS Universal Nozzle Holder assembly, fitted with a 50 mesh strainer ten seals and ten injection tubes.

GPS Injection Nozzle

The GPS injection nozzle can enable the application of de-icer fluids and preservatives into difficult situations.